Additional Services

General practice teams are made up of a range of health professionals who work at your general practice and in the wider community to help you get the right care when you need it.

In addition to GPs, general practice teams can include nurses, physiotherapists, clinical pharmacists, mental health practitioners, social prescribers, and occupational health advisers.

You can always choose to see your GP, but there may be other health professionals who can provide the most appropriate support.

Having a range of health professionals at your general practice means you can receive the most appropriate care for your condition as quickly as possible.

Your general practices reception team is specially trained to use the information you provide to help identify which health professional or local service is best placed to help you, so it’s important to give them as much information as possible. Any information that you discuss with the reception team will remain confidential. Please see the attached video, which shows how these services could help you, and some of the practice team members that make up these additional resources:

  • Physiotherapist
    • Chris Cranfield
  • Pharmacist
    • Malgorzata Grant
  • Mental Health Practitioner
    • Jas Sadool
    • Ruby Boisvert
  • Social Prescriber
    • Pamela Murray
  • Occupational Health Advisor
    • Claire Lawson
  • Care Coordinator
    • Sharon Woolven